Create Openbook Market ID

Easy and Affordable

Creating an Openbook market ID is now much more affordable. Thanks to innovative methods, lease fees paid on the Solana network have been minimized.

Configure the mints for the tokens you want to create a market for.
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Configure the tick sizes, or lowest representable quantities of base and quote tokens.

1e -x

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1e -x

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Advanced Options

Attempting to lower the payment by adjusting the lease costs has been disabled due to the potential for errors. The current transaction values consist of recommended and tested values.

Total Rent Estimate
(Platform fee 0.05 SOL included)

0.2 SOL

262108 bytes

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5084 bytes

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65500 bytes

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I confirm that I have confirmed all details and that I am fully responsible for creating the market. Need at least 0.2 SOL to prevent transaction failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? It is likely answered here.

Market ID is a necessary step to list your project on swap platforms (such as on the Solana network through the OpenBook platform.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, the cost of obtaining a Market ID varies based on network congestion but averages around 0.2 Sol. This cost includes all fees associated with obtaining the Market ID.

Base Mint is the address of the token you created. You need to enter the contract address into this field.

As the name suggests, Quote Mint is the address of the currency you want to use in trading transactions. By default, the SOL address is defined, you can change it if you wish.

USDC: EPjFWdd5AufqSSqeM2qN1xzybapC8G4wEGGkZwyTDt1v

Min. Order Size: Orderbook minimum order quantity.
Example) set to 4 -> Can make an order to 0.0001 unit.
Example) set to 0 -> Can make an order to 1 unit.
Example) set to 1 -> Can make on order to 0.1 unit.

Price Tick: Price display digits.
Example) set to 5 -> The price of the token is displayed in 5 decimal places like 11.12345
Example) set to 4 -> The price of the token is displayed in 4 decimal places like 11. 1234
The minimum order size cannot be larger than the base token's decimals.
The price tick size cannot be larger than the quote token's decimals.
'Minimum order size' + 'Price Tick' cannot be larger than the quote token decimals.
Example) Your base token A's token decimal is set to 9. And pairing token A with USDC. USDC is a quote token and its' token decimal is 6.
The minimum order size cannot be larger than 9.
The price tick size cannot be larger than 6.
'Minimum order size' + 'Price Tick' cannot be larger than 6 (quote token decimals).
Therefore, you can make the minimum order size and price tick set to 3 and 2 (total 5, less than 6). However, cannot be 4 and 4 because the sum exceeds 6.

Advanced Options are disabled to reduce rental fees and prevent errors during trades that may occur due to uninformed actions. Therefore, these advanced features have been restricted for user usage.